Light Setting

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Light setting is a process by which our experienced practitioners dress (fix), inscribe, consecrate, and light a 7-day (novena) candle on your behalf and place it on our House altar. The candle is then monitored, prayed over, and ritually worked for seven days in accordance with your specified intent. We use oils, herbs, minerals, powders, and zoological elements of the highest quality available when preparing each candle.

Instructions: To purchase a light setting, first provide us with your name and birthdate (18 or older please) in the form provided. Next, select the number of candles (one per intent) that you wish to have lit on your behalf using the drop down menu labeled “Quantity.” Finally, type your intentions (again, one per candle) into the box provided.

Once your candles have been prepared and set one of our practitioners will email you with a confirmation and photograph of the setting. 

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response to your request. Please note NO requests for  curses, hexes or the destruction  of a relationship will be honored through this service. All requests for such will be refused.

Disclaimer for Services Rendered